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modding GL703 vm

Hi first step i appologise for my bad english ( i m French)I have a GL 703 vm ROG portable and i m considering a moddification on my computer... i dont know if what i m preparing is possible or efficient but it s an idea i get in my mind...

ROG G20ci Water cooled cpu/gpu

Hi all! Just wanted to say hi and show what I've done to my G20ci. I'm new to forums so bare with me:) I bought this G20 AJ about 4 years ago, and really love the look of it and how it preforms. (I know the title say's G20ci, its because this was an...

How do I connect several RBG fans to a Maximus X?

I have 6 RBG fans that I would like to connect to the MB, but not sure how I should do that. The case (TT The Tower 900) does not have any ways of doing it. Can I just connect them via a 4-pin extension, will the MB be able to deliver enough power?

Sverre by Level 9
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COOLER MASTER ATX 24pin 90 Degree Adapter

Did you saw this Adapter from Cooler Master.I didn't notice him before... Yesterday I ordered him because now 24pin and USB 3.0 look terrible in mine case.It would be nicer without CM Logo, but never mind.One model is without capacitor inside, other ...

Vlada011 by Level 10
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Mutts new build

Took months. As soon as I started, I got so busy I rarely had a chance to work on it. What started as a simple upgrade build morphed into a crazy double custom loop complete with new video card, psu etc. Got stuck with a bad mobo, (first one I've nev...

Ace_Red by Level 7
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Low PSU corsair tx850m ?

Hello. its can be my psu is to low for my pc? i can't overclock my cpu. when i do it my pc is crashing and high temperatura! my pc build in THIS LINK . can any1 help me please?