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Got my new italian Asus g75 t1040v

Hi gamers from around the world!I'm from Italy and I just got my new Asus.Still had no time for gaming so far, only updating and fixing. Looking for good games,I enjoyed Sid Meier's civ3 for years and years and I also love fast cars challenges.My spe...

[WORKLOG] Conceptmod by ying

Hello everyone! My name is yinghao, nickname ying and this is my project. A lot of people asked me what means the chinese character in most of my custom designs and parts and the response is that it's my name: 颖 (pronunced as "ying") :Sponsors:I woul...

ying27 by Level 7
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[Modding Gallery] Pinkirie by iReNModz

My First Thread here.This is a completed mod done by mespec as belowintel core i7 920 d0 GBAsus Rampage3Exremedominator 6gb 1600 cl8Evga gtx570 SClian li pc-a71bsst st1000-g4 x 1tb samsung f3 spinpoint WC parts-EKWB SUPREME HF-EKWB DOM-EKWB R3E-XSPC ...

Byteknight Computer's - New build check it out

Hey, Just wanted to share with you guys newest build of computers I've been building for my company Byteknight Computers. Computer has the following internals: Intel i7 3960XG.Skills 64GB 2400 Memory2x eVGA 690 Hydro Copper'sAsus Rampage IV Extre...

CaseLabs MH 2012 Build with Crosshair V Board

I finally did a dream build in FEB 2012 with the tax return a few things still to up date. Went with Cosshair V , and the AMD 965 BE 3.6 stock which I already had in my existing build along with my GPU a MSI 6970 1gb card. A Caselabs MH10 with pedest...

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bmb345s by Level 7
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coolermaster hAF 912+ maximus V Gene Mobo8GB Corsair vengence RAM (8-8-8-24)IvyBridge core i5 3570K o.c to 4.2ghzRadeon HD4870 1GB GPUCorsair TX850 modular psuNzxt 6 channel fan controller6gb/s seagate HDDCustom cut window

Project DarkFORCE

Here are some pictures of the build I am working on. Asus Rampage IV Extremei7 3820 with Corsair H10016gb of Corsair DDR3 2133mhz2 120gb Corsair Force GT1 2t Seagate 7200rpm Sata 3HAF XMisc stuffHAF X at StartAdded these fans to blow out and change t...

rmilyard by Level 7
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