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First time mod - cm 690 II rog edtion

Hi guys, as the title explains, first time modder, iv decided to give my pc a fresh clean look whilst incorperating the rog theme.iv had my pc for 2 years now and have come to relalise that it is somewhat of an eyesore, after going through this moddi...

My 1st Computer Build

Well it's finally completed and got everything up and running smoothly. Absolutely fantastic and all I have to do now is finish up tweaking the GPU to get a more stable OC, But for now here are the specs and a pic, I have more if requested.Asus Maxim...


Double Vision

Two haf 922`s bolted together-3770K IHS removed and EK Supreme directly on die-2 gigabyte 670`s-Cucial m4 128gig SSD-Samsung 1 tb HDD-Seasonic X-1250 Psu-800 Watt Qmax TEC chiller unit with dew point controller-Monsta 420 rad in push pull for hot sid...

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gdesmo by Level 7
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First PC Build for a Customer!

Alright guys, I'm going to be doing a build for my cousin who doesn't know too much about computers and wanted an iMac (NO!). I am building him a decent budget setup and with some nifty thoughts and ideas I had in mind here is how it goes:CASE: Zalma...

Jstn by Level 10
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Noob build

Just finished it this weekend 9/28/12. I have Ubuntu 12.04 installed on the 2nd drive to tide me over until Windows 7 pro gets here. I tried to make it as neat as possible, but it doesn't measure up to some of the builds I've seen here. I think it...


VeeVmod ROG Build

Hi There Specifications : Asus Extreme X79i7 3930KGT Dominator 2133 4x4 2x Asus Top GTX 6802x OCZ Vertex 4 128 GB Wakü : EK all the way ( CPU / GPU / RAM / MB -> CSQ Series ) 2 x 480 XSPC Rads 2 x Laing DDC Pumps Bitspower Fittings / Crystal Links 8 ...

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eveon by Level 7
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Project: *Night Fire* Asus ROG theme case rebuild

Welp, never thought i'd get back into my case modding days, but the excitment of this new Sandy Bridge build along with the cool color theme, club that goes along with mobo and the ROG ASUS community as well, i've been pondering about d...

1ceTr0n by Level 11
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Custom Asus rig! ROG themed!

This is my first case modding attempt a buddy and I took my old set up and made a proper home for it. :cool: Case : Coolermaster Cosmos 1000Mobo : Asus ROG Crosshair IV FormulaCPU : AMD 1090T W/ Corsair H80GPU :XFX ATI 6870RAM : 16 GIGs DDR3 G. Skil...

ROG Liquid Cooling (Twin loop) build

Hi All,I've decided to start a thread on my complete re-build of my system. I'll be doing the build on Sunday with a mate so I'll take lots of pictures and document everything Specs are;Corsair Obsidian 800DCorsair 750w Gold PSUASUS Maximus V Formula...