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Tr00per Going Quad

Have been working some the evening, everything has turned out great, no errors, no flaws..Looking good..everything running fine..I dont have time to bench tonight, i have to catch a train in a couple of hours..'''This is one cool Trooper...;o)Maybe p...

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Level10GT gaming rig. (first build ever)

This is actually my first ever custom build, I took me about 2 months to collect all the parts and do all the cable management and stuff. I think it looks pretty awesome. Of course it's a big mess in the cable management space but that's okay I live...

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My ROG Build in the NZXT Switch 810

Hi guys, Here are some pics of my ROG build that I built myself.The Whole gaming room, With my old ASUS setup on the right hand side for my Girlfriend I hope people love my build as much as i loved building it and using it.

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Finished RIVE w/3 x 680's - I call it 680x3...

First off, thanks to all the folks in the Rampage Series Forum for the tech support and ideas to get this up and running. I got the vid cards back when EVGA didn't have a WC 4gb 680, so had to build my own. This is my 5th build, and finally learned...

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Project: Aquarius

Well here it is guys, One of the most amazing mods we have come up with. We already did a review of the Fusion 4000 Chassis so now we are going to mod it!Brought to you by: I will highlight just some of the amazing mods we are doing to this. First. ...

New to Forum & my First Build

I was upgrading for a Dell Studio XPS 9100 and wanted to keep my Intel i7 920, RAM, & Gigabyte HD6870. Long story short, my buddy ended up taking my Dell after I ordered my mobo so I then bought a 960 with 1366 socket. I know it's older technology u...

Hartacus by Level 10
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Formula / Dominator Platinum / 3770k / 560Ti

Hi Guys,I just finished my build, and here's a photo of it complete. Graphics cards and no wonder but I have played most games on ultra settings @ 1920 x 1080p .. In near future I think I'll go for a 680 or a 670 but 3770k with 16gb Ram and the maxim...