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My new (and first) ITX build

Just finished ! Downsizing and Upgrading from a Full ATX i7 4930K (on Rampage IV Formula)ROG STRIX Z390-I GAMINGi5 9600KF32GB Corsair 3200MHz RAMSF750 Corsair PSUAsus GTX 1070, 8GB (Painted Black)Samsung 512GB 970 Pro NvmeWD Velociraptor 1TB SATAH60 ...

Sobre la pasta térmica

Buenas!Abro aquí porque no sé dónde ponerlo realmente. Dispongo de un modelo de ordenador portátil ASUS GL702VS-BA007T comprado hace menos de un mes. Resulta que tengo picos bastante altos de temperatura cuando juego, y aunque he logrado solventarlos...

Mi Pc ROG stile

Hola a todos, quería mostraros mi configuración Mod estilo ROG, el único moding que hice manualmente fue a los módulos de memoria, añadiendo una barra de luces y cambiándoles en color con a la barra de metacrilato pintándolo con esmalte de unas colo...

Europ by Level 7
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PSU help for Crosshair 7 wifi?

Couldnt find what power supply I need for this board in specs or didnt know what to look for. I went to Newegg and there are many to choose from like ATX 12V, etc. I think the crosshair 7 has 24 pin for main power but there's also CPU and GPU power s...

Skylab by Level 9
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need help with this XI extreme bored....

right since I have emailed and asked and have not even heard back from asus shame so hopefully some on can acutely help me here I have a panzer max and the XI extreme don't fit does any one make a custom back plate and also can I buy a 8 pin rgb cabl...

Pump Bracket -- Rog Strix Helio Case

Hi guys, I recently bought a Rog Strix Helio Case and I wanna build it with custom watering cooling system. I notice that it come with a "pump bracket." Dose anyone know what pump is compatible with that bracket? I contact the online Asus customer se...

USEFUL THREADS - Read before Modding!

Read before you mod your machine!While overclocking and case modding is awesome, please be aware that pushing your system to its limits will put a great deal of stress on your components and may void your warranty. Overclocking your system is at your...

Scratch Build 2080Ti 3800X Custom watercooled

Hey all,I've started a new build (Well, it been going for a while now) and I thought I should put it on here. At the moment, I have it all set up on a test bench, and I am painting the case I'm building now. The specs are the one on my account alread...