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Need White Sata III Cables

Does anyone know whereto get White Sata III Cables.Custom made or sleeved? need 10in/25cm,12in/30cm,16in/40cm and 18in/45cm..Thanks Alot, wtm9tails

Project P42

Its time for a new project.Again im making a scratchbuild.This time im making a dual itx lan case.March 29 there is a lan party near my town and that day its my son's 7th birthday.The name P42 stands for "Party for two "so im taking this case to the ...

PasLis by Level 9
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ROG Forum Mods Roundup [Updated Monthly!]

This thread is for reference only (hence the lock) please click on the links and discuss the mods in their respective threads February 2012:Front Page Link: Project Thief by stren.h...

X-ROG by Level 15
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Corsair 800D: Project Rampage

Hi, I am from Singapore and this is my first ASUS ROG motherboard and also my very first attempt to do up a full watercooling rig. What inspires me to create or start off this project is to fulfill my dream of having a cool looking rig which not only...

kaiqi07 by Level 7
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CaseLabs Magnum TH10 Build

I just thought I would throw some terrible pictures of my terrible building skills. These were when I first put it together, there has been many changes to the water loops and pumps, I plan on rebuilding the loops again soon as I have a couple new Gr...

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Menthol by Level 14
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Bye Bye Water Cooling!

Yesterday I woke up and went to go turn on my PC. My crosshair v formula z was stuck on the splash screen. I reset the cmos and called asus. They said to send it in for a repair. I was already upset because I had some artifacting during games and I t...

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Hartacus by Level 10
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need ROG stencils

I'm looking for someone that can make some really great stencils. I want the ROG logo in 4 different sizes. ASUS logo with 2 sizes and Republic Of Gamers logo with 3 sizes. My money real tight so I cant really afford for someone to airbrush the dif...