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Pump Bracket -- Rog Strix Helio Case

Hi guys, I recently bought a Rog Strix Helio Case and I wanna build it with custom watering cooling system. I notice that it come with a "pump bracket." Dose anyone know what pump is compatible with that bracket? I contact the online Asus customer se...

USEFUL THREADS - Read before Modding!

Read before you mod your machine!While overclocking and case modding is awesome, please be aware that pushing your system to its limits will put a great deal of stress on your components and may void your warranty. Overclocking your system is at your...

Scratch Build 2080Ti 3800X Custom watercooled

Hey all,I've started a new build (Well, it been going for a while now) and I thought I should put it on here. At the moment, I have it all set up on a test bench, and I am painting the case I'm building now. The specs are the one on my account alread...

Getting Livedash and Aurasync to work together

I am having issues getting Livedash and Aurasync to work together. I can't seem to get either of the programs to launch. They just hang even if I try to run as admin.I have lighting on Asus Maximus Extreme XI motherboard, RYUJIN 360, THOR 1200 PSU th...

Gallus by Level 7
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POST code CC - OEM BDS initialization codes

With my new build I'm getting as far as this POST code before it stops, but I haven't a clue what OEM BDS is referring to. The monitor isn't showing a connection, so I can't get into the BIOS. Anyone have any idea what might be at fault?

Double Helix build

First attempt at bending PetG tubing. Asus Maximus XI Formula.Here's a link to more pictures and build.

Ace_Red by Level 7
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