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project [Leonidas Beard]

"Tonight we dine in hell"©System:CPU: Intel i7 3930K MOBO: ASUS Rampage IV ExtremeRAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum 4*4GbSSD: Crucial M4 128GbHDD: WD 3*2Tb VGA: 3*GTX 580 1,5GbSound Card: Creative X-FI Titanium HDPSU: Corsair AX1200CASE: CaseLabs M10 +...

White Knight

This build was my first in a long time..:DIt was a contracted build for a customer. top shelf parts. ROG is amazing!:oto see all the pix use the link belowCompleted buildFacebookPCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant / BenchmarksCPU: I...

"LEGION" MybadOmen's NZXT Phantom 820 Build !

The project has now begun ! Take Care and hope you guys Like this one, as most of you know I Love NZXT Cases and Parts !MybadOmen I would also like to take a second to pay respect to a good friend Adam myself and many others have lost and i will b...

Scratch Build (Need Opinions)

Ok im quite new in building pc,s and wanted some advice and opinions about this build.(1st build)Case - Aerocool XPredator Evil Blue Window (Big Tower XL Size) - 150€MotherBoard - Asus 990FX CrossHair V Formula Z - 215€Power Supply - XFX PRO 1250W Bl...

Furyan by Level 7
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my daily gaming machine caselabs mercury s3

what you guys think about this i just build is for my daily gaming pcasus maximus vi impactintel i7 4770kasus matrix hd7970-Pcorsair vengeance pro 2 x 8gb 1866corsair AX760 Platinumsamsung 840 series 250gb SSdSeagate sshd 1tb 64 cache 2.5"caselabs me...

28116 28133 28121 28134

[Buildlog] IMP

Welcome to my buildlog of the Bitfenix Prodigy called: IMP What is an Imp? An imp is a mythical creature, similar to a fairy or demon. They are common in folklore and superstition. The word Imp is probably derived from the term Ympe.Imps in most sto...

Oc panel

I'm building a mini atx gaming pc, iv seen the oc panel that comes with the extreme board and according to the vids I watched it should work with the gene board I'm using. my question is has Asus started selling these by them selfs yet and are they e...

Gelrith by Level 7
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My 900D "Bucket List" Build - Rigid Tube Adventure!!

Hello!I was inspired by all the new cool 900d builds out there, so two months ago I decided to create a new gaming machine, but my challenge was to do all the bends in acrylic rotary or angle fittings!! I ended up only using 2 rotary fitti...

Couple of my old mods

Here is a couple of my old mods, what do you think

TIGGER by Level 7
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