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BAWLS - STH10, R5E, 5930K, Copper Tubing

Level 7

Well, it is time again for another build and the CaseLabs Magnum STH10 case looks like a nice challenge. I have seen so many rave reviews of their products and am looking forward to seeing what I can do with one of these cases.

The theme I decided to go with is based on my favorite energy drink product - BAWLS Guarana. The color scheme will be focused on the BAWLS Original packaging of Cobalt Blue and chrome.

Now let's get started with the components...

Main Components:
Case: CaseLabs Magnum STH10
CPU: Intel i7 5930K Haswell-E
Motherboard: ASUS Rampage V Extreme
Memory: 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 2666Mhz (8x4GB)
Memory Kit: Corsair Dominator Platinum Light Bar Upgrade Kit (x4)
GPU: 2 x EVGA GeForce GTX 980 in SLI
SSD: 400GB Intel 750 PCI-E
SSD: 256GB Samsung XP941 M.2
SSD: 2 x 480GB Corsair Neutron XT SATA 3
HDD: 2 x 2TB Seagate Barracuda
PSU: Corsair AX1200i Modular

Watercooling Components:
CPU / Motherboard Block: EK-FB ASUS R5E Monoblock - Acetal + Nickel
GPU Block: 2 x EK-FC980 GTX - Acetal + Nickel
GPU Backplate: 2 x EK-FC980 GTX Backplate - Nickel
Pump: 2 x EK-D5 Vario
Radiator (120mm): 2 x EK-CoolStream PE 480 (Quad)
Radiator (140mm): Black Ice SR1 560
Reservoirs: 2 x Bitspower Dual / Single D5 Top Upgrade Kit 250
Fittings (Upper/Lower): Bitspower Shiny Silver
Tubing (Upper/Lower): EK-Tube ZMT
Fittings (Middle): Primochill Revolver / Bitspower Shiny Silver
Tubing (Middle): Copper 1/2" OD

Miscellaneous Components:
RGB Controller: Darkside RGB Controller with remote
Fan Controller: ASUS Front Base
120mm Fans: 13 x Thermaltake Riing 120mm Blue LED
140mm Fans: 7 x Thermaltake Riing 140mm Blue LED
Sleeving: Darkside HD - Dark Blue UV and Jet Black

I will keep this build log updated as the assembly commences and it starts to take shape.

Level 7
Now to complete that motherboard...

All 32GB of the Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 2666Mhz (8x4GB) memory, with the light bar upgrade kits, have been mounted onto the motherboard.

Overall shot of the entire motherboard tray with everything mounted.

Here is the back of the tray with all those connections!

Close-up of what connectors are offered on the R5E backplate.

Level 7
With most of the components in place, now to figure out a routing scheme.

Here is my first draft....

The blue loop is for the video cards and the yellow loop is for the CPU.

The upper two 460mm radiators are for the video loop and the lower 560mm radiator is for the CPU.

Level 7
Here is the first batch of Bitspower and Primochill connectors.

Twenty-four Primochill Rigid Revolver compression fittings sure do look good when lined up!

Here is a close-up of these beautiful silver fittings.

Level 7
With each build I try to do something new. The first build used vinyl tubing and the second utilized acrylic tubing. For this build I thought I would try the next step ... copper tubing.

Did a lot of research and it does not sound too difficult.

The 1/2" copper tubing sold in the U.S. does not bend easily, so I went with copper coils that are readily sold in most home improvement stores.

The tubing comes in 3/8" ID and 1/2" OD. This is the exact size requirement for the Primochill Revolver fittings. I decided to start with the 10' roll since I know that there will be mistakes due to the learning curve of working with copper. The copper material is pliable and has a nice clean look straight out of the box.

Since the tubing is coiled, I had to find a way to straighten it to my needs. I found a tool that is made in the UK by a company called Kwix UK. Their tube straightening tool is easy to use and does the job perfectly!

I ordered the 1/2" OD tool. It uses 4 sets of rollers (16 in all) that straighten and align the tubing as it is passed over the length.

In this shot you can see some of the tubing that has been straightened. The tools shown are the Kwix UK tool and a Rigid 36132 1/2" OD tube bender.

This is a shot of the first section fitted in place. This is probably the longest section and the most obvious.

Level 7
Copper tubing is complete.

Finished bending and cutting all the sections required for the GPU and CPU loops.

Level 7
Got around to completing the cable sleeving. I used DarkSide Jet Black and Dark Blue UV HD sleeving material. I utilized the heatshrinkless methodology since the clean look is perfect for my build.

Level 7
Alright, I will post just a few photos of the upper tubing.

This is the upper radiator area with two 480 radiators. Plenty of room to work with and everything is fully functional.

Towards the front of the case is where the two reservoirs are located. In this shot you can see the two fill ports and the tubing feeding into each reservoir.

Level 7
I just received my new Intel 750 series PCI-E 400GB SSD!

This will add some real speed to the booting of the computer and loading of programs.

Level 7
I originally was going to use an EVGA SLI bridge as shown below...

This was nice in that the silver and black matched the interior case theme.

That all changed when I saw the new EVGA SLI V2 bridge..

This new bridge is even more sexy than the original. Now to see what can be done with it.

Level 7
Like to give a big 'THANKS' to Thermaltake for sending me some of their new Riing fans for this build!

This box left Taiwan Friday morning and arrived this morning at 8:30am.

Fourteen 120mm blue LED fans and six 140mm blue LED fans.

These fans are absolutely amazing!! They run almost silent and the blue ring is spectacular!

In this shot are two 120mm Riing fans (left is default, middle is with the low-noise cable) and on the right is a Cougar 120mm blue LED fan.

The Riing fan lighting is subtle yet highly effective. The cougar fan are too obvious with where the LED lights are while the Riing fans have a more even distribution of lighting.