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ASUS Fan Extension Card II

Level 7

I'd like to extend quantity of fans in Fractal Design Define S to 8 (3 front + 3 top + 1 back + 1 side). I have ASUS ROG Z390-E Gaming Motherboard. It offers to connect 2 chasis fans + I can use other fan sockets (like M2), but it gives me one additional socket witm PWM. I can also buy ASUS Fan Extention Card with 3 extra fan connectors - it gives me 6 in sum... I don't want to use spitters as I'd like to control every fan separatelly... I found nice piece of hardware - ASUS Fan Extension Card II, but I can't get in anywhere. Just got answer answer from ASUS support that it's not compatible with Z390-E, but also found in internet information that it is.

Question is if anyone is an owner of such card (it's sold as an extension card with X99/X299 ASUS mother boards), is not using it and wants to sell? If yes - I'll appreciate contact. Or - maybe someone knows where to buy it...

Thanks in advance for your support 🙂