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Assistance on my first mod GPU and Case shroud paint

Level 7
Hello everyone,

Disclaimer: I did check the sticky, I spent 3 hours trying to find info before registering here to ask for help.

I am geting a STRIX GTX 970 and a white NZXT Source 340 case.

I want to repaint the GPU shroud and the NZXT Metal shroud in Ferrari red.

I read that for the GPU shroud I need plasti-dip paint, I read that I should start by sanding the whole thing, then polish, then apply the paint.

What I would like to know is if someone could direct me to a step by step guide on do's and don'ts of sanding, polishing and painting the plastic shroud and how to protect the asus logo.

I don't care if it takes time: I just want to do it right 🙂

For the NZXT shroud, I was unable to find much information anywhere, although I assume that several coats of spray paint should do the job.

So I welcome here any advice or place I should go to to read more or contact from someone who did the same thing and so on.

Thank you very much for your help!!

Sorry for my noobyness: first time modding...

Level 7
Here are a few pics of my S340 with some parts painted as well as the fan shroud on my Gigabyte R9 285. For the metal parts as well as the plastic fan shroud I used 400 grit sandpaper to scuff them up, then cleaned the parts. I used Krylon Fusion spray paint, color is Pepper Red. Each part was painted with 3 coats. Not sure what to tell you about the Asus logo on your card other than maybe tape it off before sanding and painting.