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Aresze ATX Chassis with 450W PSU

Level 7
Hi there,
I'm building a budget gaming system and I'm looking to buy the cheapest PC case and PSU I can find. While browsing Aresze I came across the Aresze 450w atx power supply which is currently going for R259 (excl. VAT)

450W is fairly low, but I'm going to be using on board graphics for now and buying a graphics card within a year, so I don't mind replacing the PSU for a higher wattage one when I do get it, if I can buy the current PSU for this price. However, I'm a bit skeptic about the quality of the PSU and if it will actually produce 450W. I can't seem to find any reviews about this product anywhere. Please bear in mind that I am far from a professional when it comes to PC hardware.

Has anyone has experience with it? Will this PSU last me a year?

Level 10
Hi there!

A word of advice.. never. ever. skimp on the PSU.. its probably the most important part of your system. and one of the few parts where you definately get out what you pay in. Go for a low-end named brand, like the Corsair Builder series PSU's.. I use them for many of my friends systems and have had no worries.

In terms of actual wattage, 450W is more than enough to power a system with onboard graphics, and to be honest, it can power most high-end dedicated graphics cards anyway. I ran a 450W PSU in an old system with a quad core CPU, GTX670 and water-cooling no worries.

If you've got any other questions, do ask!

Level 7
Yeah I agree with Mankz a PSU is something you don't want to cheap out on, that said there are some low watt ones from antec and silverstone that seem to be decent enough at a low price point, as for the case what size motherboard are you using? a small formfactor one would be good for a first build and you can get some nice cheap ITX cases like the bitfenix prodigy around most websites.