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Are there any good G15CE case mods?

Level 7

I just got a G15CE from Best Buy, and it seems like airflow is pretty terrible with a large RTX 3080 graphics card, and only 1 case fan in the entire case. Also there are no dust filters ANYWHERE in the system. Has anyone been able to add case fans to improve airflow without creating to much dust?


PS: With prebuilts being the easiest way to get an RTX card, I would assume there must be a lot of people like me resorting to buying these ASUS gaming desktops. Hopefully, we can build a community out of it to make the case better, for those who want to still utilize the case and not contribute to E-waste. Instead of resorting to pulling the card and other internals out. I have seen other communities for around the HP Omen 25L and 30L. Thanks for any direction or help.