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Acrylic ITX by Parvum Systems - Finished - Final photos & iSeries!

Level 9
Acrylic ITX
by: Parvum Systems


Back again!
Been putting in some hours after work to get Shaun's LAN rig set for Summer iSeries. I'm afraid this time a lot of the CNC process, bending & machining will be left out. Simply because we don't have much time at the moment. Work is very busy and it's hard enough to work on a personal case in our spare time as it is.

Here is a photo of the Onwards and upwards build that is now finished. This should give you a good idea of the direction this project will take:

Moving straight in then. First like to say a big thank you to Adrian over at Speicaltech. Adrian has actually shown a huge intrest in us and our cases since day one. We've been in regular contact since and he has been very helpful. So the guys over at tech have covered all the watercooling for this rig. A few photos of what we plan to cram in this little case:

Next followed the horrible hours of drawing and brainstorming. This becomes extremely difficult when half of the hardware you've yet to source and the available technical drawings online are to a minimum:

Finally got to a decent stage to start cutting. The finished blue panels:

We then cut the white. Lots of 45° features in this project. Double layer for the bottom of the case with cubes attached:

Then putting everything together:

Next we bend the chamber section. Test cut only. Obviously subject to change to suit the motherboard, RAM & block etc. 2 very tight 45° bends on this one. Hopefully will squeeze a couple of pass through connectors into the 45° section at a later date. A lot to figure out still but here is it so far:

That's all this time folks. Got some more bits showing up next week so we will try and put the hours in and keep this project rolling well!

Thanks for reading everyone. Sorry there isn't much eye candy yet!

Level 7
wow, it's great. It gave my inspiration. Thanks
Next Build
- AMD Vishera FX-8350
- AMD Radeon HD 7870

Adhy Dharma FN wrote:
wow, it's great. It gave my inspiration. Thanks

You are welcome 🙂
Hope you do something nice with the inspiration! 🙂

Level 9
Acrylic ITX
by: Parvum Systems


Back again!

First up then we want to introduce OCUK as a hardware sponsor on this build. OCUK have been on board with Parvum from a very early stage. We must say they are a great bunch of people there and we are very happy to be teamed up. Thanks again to Rich for setting this up.

They have dropped us a lovely Asrock board and a Haswell chip, first things first... kit it out with the waterblocks:

Next a few changes to the mid wall for cable management & standoffs installed:

Made a little base for the pump as we needed it to be 5mm higher:

Installed in the case with some test fittings:

160mm rad and 80mm fans installed. A grill and some kind of shroud be added later:

Test fit of the side/PSU panel with the 120mm rad and scythe fan. Very tight... LOL airflow much?? 😄

Now we install the XSPC reservoir. Suits our vision well, I mean after all... why not show off all the brilliant W/C gear to its fullest potential! Biggest pet peeve is ITX cases that just hide.. everything!

So with the reservoir:

Thats it for now. We had to change the bottom chamber as you may well have seen, the rad has moved from bottom to front and the chamber will be completely different. More on this next time.

Thanks for reading. Peace out.

Level 15
Looks amazing guys, another beautiful build!! 🙂

Level 9
Thanks MYK!


Just a quick one this time...

Thought I'd show any of you that hadn't seen this. The scratch built ITX that we did for Asus. They showcased this case at the Computex event. Sadly we didn't get to put a rig in it but damn... it looks great! It was what pushed us to get rolling with this build:

So in go the cables. We've opted for small 20cm extensions this time. The rear will be completely enclosed so this was to save time and money. We don't have as much time as we'd like to mod so it was the perfect option. These are custom extensions that Shaun sourced from Shakmods. Check him out here.

These fit extremely tight but everything going to the drawing plans:

Super happy with these, quality was great colours are perfect. Awesome service.

That is all for now. More soon!

Level 9

Small update for you all. This one took forever to measure and draw. It was a massive PITA. We used what technical knowledge and measurements we could for some of the case but other things like the placement for fittings was next to impossible to work out. Anyway... I'll let you see photos!

First was a package from Asus! This was in exchange for the work we did for Asus at the Computex event. Thanks Bindibadgi/Richard & Alex for this!

Nice baby 670 for the build:

Worked a little on cable management; all LEDs installed, USB3 header, SATA cable & Pw Switch.
Pretty nice, needs a little tweaking:

Now we cut the NIGHTMARE panel. Real headache. This is test cut number 2. Considering this we are stoked. Only one hole needs to be moved about 1mm for a CPU block connection:

The bottom chamber roughly installed just for you guys to see:

Next we installed a small piece with a little V bit detailing to cover the rad and fans. Very similar to the Onwards build. This time to mount an SSD. The SSD is a tiny bit wider than the section but it doesn't stand out to much and is a great spot for it (possibly got this idea from L3P).

That is all for now. Thank you again so much for reading. It really helps when we stay late to work on things like this to get such great feedback/response & criticism.

Until next time.

Level 7
Subbed! Gorgeous builds 😄
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Level 9

Back with a nice photo heavy update. Got quite a bit done over a number of evenings.
We start by cutting some 1.5mm aluminum parts for the case, PCI/IO section & Radiator Grill:

Small bend on the PCI/IO section:

Grill installed:

Small annoying gap due to the fans overhanging the rad/fan shroud we made. We planned to back the 'Parvum' cut through with blue acrylic which in turn resolved the problem:

USB 3.0 in the top installed:

Case coming together pretty nice now:

Time to turn the case upside down now. Biggest beauty of a fully modular case. So easy to work with when doing something this advanced/custom:

Next shot gives you an idea. We have to install all the 90° fittings into this lower chamber. Nice and tight....:

Doing this was very frustrating, suppose this comes often in SFF modding:

Level 9
Back the right way up:

Just two pieces of hard acrylic tubing in this one.. so we install:

Finally for this update we install the 670 mini. Really nice card. Due to the fact there is currently no full cover block available for this card we decided to keep it air cooled. They have done an awful lot of awesome work on the cooler and it looks great so we don't mind this at all:

Obviously this small bit of red had to go so we cut a small detailing piece from the same blue:

And installed:

That is it for this update. I will get the coke can size comparison in the next update. Kept forgetting to grab a can. We will be filling the loop and cutting all the white second layer panels in the next update!