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900D-WC ROG build

Level 10
Hey guys, this is my custom water cooled build all inside the Corsair 900D, ROG themed!! This has been a project of mine the past few months, and I am glad to say that it's finally complete.. although I do miss working on it lol. I recently completed a High End AMD PC, and wanted to build a better, more extreme powerhouse and went with Intel Ivy Bridge-E. I originally was going to build a new LGA-2011v3 based computer, but after comparing price to performance.. and what I was trying to accomplish (video rendering and Gaming) from my build, I went with the i7-4930K. I knew that I would be water cooling so I got the 900D to ensure I had enough space to work in (this case is MASSIVE, and that is still an understatement). This project has been immensely fun to work on, I'm sure I could keep going on about the build.. but enough talk, on to the eye candy. ...