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7680 x 1440 gaming at 144hz

Level 9
Just wanted to share my latest build for all the triple-monitor lovers out there. After getting hold of 3 ROG SWIFT's, I started working on putting together this little monster. I had gotten hold of 3 Poseidons a while ago, when they went on sale at Newegg, and have been waiting for the last 3 months to get a hold of the Swifts, which finally started to pop out.

The concept was simple: cram as much as possible in as little as possible, keep the costs to a bare minimum, and delivering maximum power/$ to drive these 3 awesome monitors at 144hz...

Started with a Case-Labs Mercury S8 case, and planted an asrock x79 Extreme 11 mobo on it. Please don't hate me! I love ASUS! But I have to give credit where credit is due, and the x79 Extreme 11 is on a league of its own for 2 very important reasons: first) this board has 2 PLX chips supporting 4 PCIE at 16x, and second) the board comes with a dedicated LSI raid controller with direct 16x channel to the CPU supporting 8 x Sata 6.0GB ports. This meant I could have faster than avg loading times...

Next were the video cards and these cats were just waiting to purr... I picked these 3 cards because they represent the pinnacle of hybrid cooling IMO. And btw, I loved it when I heard that ASUS ROG team was going to build a hybrid card. Being a proud owner of one of the original Ares card, which I decided to hybrid cool it back in 2012 (, and seeing the Poseidon hybrid technology come to life just had me melt...

My choice of CPU was the true and proven(an old chip 😉 laying around) i7-3930k matched by 32GB of Ripjaws X Series2400 F3-2400C11Q-32GXM. Then picked up 5 x Samsung 256gb 840 Pro's to use 1 for the OS, and 4 in Raid 0 on the LSI card for insane game load times.

Power was supplied by the proven AX1200, which is doing well for now, but don't know hfor sure how long it will last...

Slapped an XSPC Dual 5.25" Bay - DDC Dual Pump / Dual Split Reservoirs with 2 x EX360 Triple 120mm Low Profile Split Fin Radiators mounted on top of the case, and 16 x Scythe Gentle Typhoon 120mm x 25mm Fan - 2000 RPM for optimal and efficient cooling. A couple of Lamptron 30W - 8 Channel Aluminum Rheobus (FC-8) controllers did the job of managing the above, and I went to work.

While my tubing, and arrangement of the parts has been neither clean nor perfect, the purpose of going with simple and cheap connectors was because unlike the pro's who bend and polish acrylic, I live in the real world, and I will need to take apart and put this machine back together many times (no offense to the pros! I am inspired by all of you)...hence no need for fancy jobs, or cable management. Does it work?

Needles to say, the end result is nothing short of a gratifying and superb BF4 gaming experience, which I can love and appreciate every time I sit in front of it.

Just want to say thank you to the ASUS ROG team for putting together these amazing video cards, and most importantly the Swift ROG monitors. The ROG team has been without a doubt the front runner on technology innovation for the last few years. And being able to game at 7680 x 1440 with 144hz is the pinnacle of FPS gaming in my book.



Level 7
And to think Id be happy just being able to put a down payment on a house! LOL

Level 9
This is America; if you work hard enough you might be able to put down payments on two houses...think about it! LOL

Level 9
3930K - 4.6GHz, 3 x GTX 780 Poseidon 3-Sli at 1161/6858 with 1.212v running on dual liquid cooled loops.

It's not that good for 3 Poseidons, but still OK considering the 100 spot on 3DMark with a 3930K at 4.8GHz and 3 x GTX 980 is at 24900


Level 8
real nice dude ... :)) i ask me only when i see peoples with more than single sli/crossfire x, why you have 3 gpu's on 40line cpu...(im not better i know [3gpu's on 16lines-but in next time i will change this] 😜 )
...put your cash better in paralel loops and overclock the gup's more i will say, but this are crtits on verry verry high level... ;)^^ and probably your fps are droped with this,... but 2x780 can push min 100fps on 7680 x 1440 i think, but i dont know... 😉

what are your minimum fps ingame @bf4/or some else @ max settings?
Greez JT

Level 9
BF4 runs at about 103 avg FPS at medium settings, at low settings it hits 136 avg. I prefer low lag, so I keep it at medium, and it's pretty fluid

BTW, I love your setup! Maximus 4 extreme-z with MIPS fullcover, and a sandybridge 2700k! I effin love that setup! I ran the same setup like you with the original Asus Ares watercooled for 3 years, and it rocked! That CPU pushes 5.2GHz with no sweat and the whole thing with the MIPS cover was just hot steamy sex on the bottom of the ARES...hahaha...just love that setup!

Check it out, you will love it hahaha:

Level 8
oooh ****, this is hard to hear... :S ...i was thinking the 780 will push you higher... ^^ 😜 but when i hear this, i must have min 2x 295x on my next
(i hate nvidia since every gpu i have from them fugged up after ca. 5jears...(5x 580 all destrojed-3x msi ligthning of me :mad: / and one of my 670-4gb had a new self writn bios... :rolleyes::mad: ...on standart bios every thing dont wanna work :confused: it works only on idle.. -1 **** rambank
they take, and probably bad gpu)
i say today nvidia's make no products they make problems... xDD *my first amd HD 5830 works since over 8 jears perfect.. ^^ -since ca. 6jears on a pc of a friend, and i had no phone from hin in the hole time 😜 ...the m4e-z is a nice board (thus it looks nice xDD), but it has a lot of problems with the 5v line's i think..
(usb port bugs everywere...-probably a windows leeg/or my motu need to much power, but it makes on win7 and win8 :rolleyes: ) and ssd raid0 is
also not verry good for him ^^ sometimes total paralysis ... and i dont think it would be the ssd's ^^
after 3x restart it works again perfect.. 😉 the most times it paralises him self when you play after the idiot windows is was in sleep mod..^^
*next x99 msi board... 😜 or an x99 rog... ive see they have make new design for 5v but i dont know whats will be then... ^^ but asus pissing me on sometimes.. 😉

ps. your old build is realy nice man.. something other... ^^;) i like it.. 🙂
Greez JT