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Windows key/left alt reactive trigger effect not working

Level 7

Hello all!

I started setting up the lighting on my new ROG Strix Flare II Animate but ran into an issue and can't figure out if it's a bug in Aura Creator or if I'm doing something wrong. I added a reactive random color trigger effect to all of my keys, but it's not working correctly on two of them. When I press the Windows key, nothing lights up. But when I press the left alt key, the Windows key lights up. All my other keys light up properly when pressed. Am I missing something? I've searched and haven't found anyone else with this same issue, but this is the second keyboard (same model) with this issue.



Hello nrobert32

Check on the keys page you didn't accidentally reassign the keys.

You can also try clicking the reset button near the top right of the keys page, or resetting your keyboard by pressing and holding the Fn+Esc keys until it flashes green.




Thank you for the reply, Nate. I tried both solutions and unfortunately neither one worked for me. The key presses themselves behave correctly, it's just the lighting on those two keys.

What's strange is I can set basic reactive lighting in Armoury Crate and the keys all light up correctly when pressed, but when I try reactive trigger effects in Aura Creator, that's when the Windows and left alt keys don't trigger when pressed. I can do a color cycle effect with no issue, it's just the reactive trigger effect that doesn't work on those two keys.