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When Installing ONLY Armoury Crate I still get AURA Creator installed - WHY?

Level 8
there are 3 options when you install Armoury Crate:

1. Only Armoury Crate
2. Only AURA Creator
3. Both.

I've always selected 1, but I always end up installing BOTH. Only AURA I might have is the laptop keyboard, but that can be lit without AURA.

Also, after using the uninstall tool of Armoury Crate, rebooted and at the end of reinstalling Armoury Crate, GameVisual mode pops up: FPS, the mode I was using before uninstall - why does it know my old settings? This for sure should be "Default"....

EDIT // I was wrong, have mixed up AURA Sync and AURA Creator. It doesn't install AURA Creator with selection 1
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