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ROG Srix G513 RGB of keyboard turns off alone

Level 7


I have a ROG Strix G513, and my keyboard goes into standby (the RGB turns off) when I don't use it or the pad/mouse for more than 1min to preserve the battery, which is normal, the problem is that it doesn't turn back on when I use the keyboard or pad/mouse again.

I've had this problem occasionally before, and usually clicking on Fn+F3 or Fn+F4 would turn it back on. But now it doesn't work anymore.

It's been happening every time my laptop is on battery, for around 2 months now. To fix it I have to go to Armoury Crate and click on the mode that I set up again to reactivate the Aura Sync. But a few minutes later, it happens again.

I tried to update the drivers, and reinstall an older version, but it doesn't change anything. 

If you have any idea on what I could do to fix this it would be really helpful.