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RGB header as separate layer?

Level 7
Hey all,

Just wanted to check I'm not being stupid... I have a ROG Strix b450-i and when I open AURA Creator I have 3 devices available:

1. The motherboard
2. The CPU Cooler (Strix LC 120)
3. RGB Header

My header connects to LED strips on the back of my monitor, so I have set up as follows:

Layer 1. RGB Header - Adaptive Colour
Layer 2. Motherboard and cooler - Smart CPU Temp

The trouble is... whilst I am certain I have it set up like this... Layer 1 appears to be overridden by layer 2 and as a result everything is smart temp. This seems like a really basic function, so how can it be wrong?



Level 7
So, I've confirmed that iCue can address the header separately to the motherboard... but iCue can't screen sample and I've hit a brick wall getting iCue to control just the header and Aura Creator or Armory Crate controlling the motherboard and cooler (bascially, because Aura won't separate the header it will only control both).

Has anyone had experience trying to do something like this? It seems like a pretty simple ask to me 😕


Level 8
No you aren't stupid, the software is, 2 RGB headers but controlled as one, same Thing for Rams 2 or 4 controlled as one.

ASUS should pay corsair to make Aura software.

Why Asus Aura and Armoury Crate are getting worse every update???
I'd like to remember we had THIS very specific way of creating RGB profiles and now its just useless trash