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Reactive problem with Rog strix scar 16 and Chakram X

Level 7

The first thing that is sucks is reactive,
Mouse Chakram X reactive in Aura creator does not work at all. It just never work.

But the thing is the reactive definition for Rog strix scar 16's keyboard is wrong too, the first left column (`, Tab, Caps, Left Shift and Left CTRL keys) are correctly working and it'll trigger on one press or double press, but on next column (1,Q,A,\ and Fn) keys it just doesn't work at all even ripple won't work on them as if nothing has been pressed, but the most strange thing is the next column (2,W,S,Z and Win Key) trigger the previous column keys (For example S Key lights the A Key) and even ripple works as if the previous column is pressed, that Being said the M key (9th column) will trigger the C key (5th column) and the K key (9th column) will triggers F Key (5th column).

So 1st column works, 2nd not working, 3rd triggers 2nd column, 4th not working again, 5th triggers 3rd column ... n being Odd triggers ((n - 1) / 2) + 1

Maybe they have put an accidentally / 2 in their code in columns for some reason =)) and because the index starts from 0, 3rd column / 2 equals to 1.5 there's no column 1.5 so no trigger =))


Level 7

Same problem here on Rog Strix G18.

There have been so many updates since then but it did not fixed the issue.

Level 8

Just went to the forum to report on it - well you were first I guess lol.