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Rampage VI Extreme was not fully support by Aura Creator

Level 7
There are some RGB LEDs on the right edge of the MB.


These LEDs can be controlled by Armoury Crate software together with other LEDs on the MB as a whole device, but it cannot be recognized and controlled by Aura Creator.

To be specific, the MB could be shown in Aura Creator's PC Components section as a whole device, but the RGB LEDs on the right edge of the MB could not be lighted and could only stay completely off, only LEDs in the cover of the I/O ports and South Bridge (the ROG logo) could be lighted and controlled by Aura Creator.

It was an odd issue since the R6E motherboard was not a new product, it still could not work properly with ASUS's own software.

Level 10
Same issue here for Rampage VI Omega

Level 9
Same issue here for Rampage V Edition 10.

Please addation ASUS ROG Terminal in Aura Creator!

My VI Extreme Encore has no trouble recognizing OLED display, MB lighting, A-RGB headers, ROG mice or Corsair memory on almost every boot in the Armour Crate module. The most recent version of the AURA module almost never recognizes the A-RGB headers, no mater what is attached to them (fans, light strips and/or liquid cooling LEDs) without reinstallation of a fresh copy of AURA over the old one. I suspect this may be a wait timing problem in the AURA module of the software in combination with almost every "boot optimizer, game optimizer or registry cleaner" choosing to delete or downgrade the boot timing of poorly labelled, uncommented and obscurely named support DDL files and support services. There is so much going on at boot on these high-end boards that the timing, which might work great on a simpler boards, may be insufficient for the heavily monitored boards. My Z390-I board has no such problems with A-RGB on only a single header. Maybe a service reload or deep restart option in the GUI which reloads the all support files would help. It is also a good idea to export all custom lighting sets to XML files before reinstalling the AURA module!