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Not fit for Purpose

Level 9

Level 9

I have had a top of the range asus mobo for a couple of years now and when I installed it I was disappionted with aura for sure but as the novelty of led lights wore off I thought no more about it, today I leant that my version of aura would not load anymore so off I went to download a new version, I was amazed that the piece of crap software has actually got even worse than it was 2 years ago.

The software is not intuitive to use, its slow and hogs resources and its functionality is pants for any software especially for a company such as asus marketing there over priced 'gaming' products.

We as customers pay a premium for RoG products and as such I would have expected a lot more effort from Asus, well at least I know for when its time to  upgrade my PC to not consider any asus products.