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Lighting Setup Changes When a Modifier Key is Pressed. Is it Possible?

Level 7
Hi all,

I am wondering if it's possible to switch to a secondary lighting setup when a modifier key such as shift/ctrl/alt button is pressed? For instance, I've this lighting setup I made for this game I'm playing (Pic 01),

Default Lighting Setup (Pic 01)

and upon pressing and holding the Alt key, the lighting setup changes to Pic 02, only lighting up the keys that I've specified that can be pressed along with Alt.

Secondary Lighting Setup when Alt is Pressed (Pic 02)

I hope this explanation is clear enough. I wonder if it's possible? Or is it way too advanced for what the Aura Creator can do?

Level 7
Please tell me how you can accomplish this...

I am facing a lot of bugs in the Armoury crate and Aura sync software. Also my devices are compatible in Aura creater

but are not showing up in Aura creater even after so much troubleshooting. I Cant find any other place to change individual light settings as you stated

I would really want to have WASD and few other keys highlighted when playing specific games and some other keys when working on Photoshop or some painting or editing applications...


Level 8

I want this feature too.   I don't think its possible in the product today.

Level 8

To elaborate:  
In aura creator, we have the ability to create layers and set trigger effects, which execute against that layer when a key inside that layer is pushed.     We need a variation of that  that can be apply an effect on a layer when a modifier key is held down, even when that modifier key is not in the layer.