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Latest update no longer works with CoolerMaster Halo fans!!! This sucks!!!!

Level 7
Everytime they update this software, and force another update down your throat, they break something. They seriously need better QA. At least I revert to the built in lighting modes in Armory Crate.

Add this to the firmware issues and if I had it to do over again I would go with MSI or Gigabyte. It's just NOT worth the efforts I have spent trying to help them resolve the problems only to have their staff flat out lie to me. Costing me several hundred dollars for no reason other than their lack of willingness to fix problems.

Can't recommend ASUS until they get their act together. It shouldn't take my system 5 minutes to boot and the lighting software breaks every time I update.

Can anyone recommend something better than Aura Creator????

Hope someone out there has better RGB software.