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Feature Request: Enable actual argb controll

Level 7
Let us have the ARGB header as a device, and choose wich led's the layer controlls.

So we could have on layer for led 1-15, another one for 16-35 and so on.

Could be done by right clicking the layer, or as a prompt whenever you select a argb device in "Set as layer".

Level 13
Yes, at least individual headers.

Why is Asus bothering putting a glitzy monitoring and duplicating functionality like fan control in Armory Crate, which is done better in AISuite (and it interferes with AISuite fan control).

Please focus on RGB at minimum:
1. Individual aRGB header control in Aura Creator
2. Minimize CPU usage. Any RGB besides static runs CPU cores at their maximum frequency and uses too much CPU. I mean this kind of processing should be offloaded to the RGB chip. If you can't get better chips and programmers for future boards.
3. If I make a static color channel in creator, unlike setting a static in Armory Crate, it burns CPU cycles.

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