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Aura Creator showing different KB layout to Armoury

So I am using a UK layout of the ROG Falchion and this has caused a defect when using aura to customise the lighting on the keyboard. On the UK layout there are two differences in the standard structure.The Aura Creator software doesn't have these k...

Smart missing from options

Hello,Fresh install of Windows 10 and Armoury Crate with Aura Creator. Aura Sync in Armoury Crate shows "Smart", but it is missing in the Aura Creator.Is it not possible to have the GPU show the GPU temperature, and the MB show the CPU temperature?Pl...

mnoreke by Level 7
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Aura Create not recognizing VIPER STEEL RAM modules.

This was working last night and I created a bunch of Advanced Aura color schemes and saved them. Today I went in to create more and the VIPER RAM modules are missing. I can still load the new effects and they do change the RAM but I cannot create...

Aura Creator shows my 2 sticks of RGB RAM as a single stick.

Aura creator is showing my 2 sticks of ram as a single stick. Because of that, the lighting effect gets applied to both sticks as if they were in one long line on the motherboard. The lighting effect across the two stick of ram is out of sync and loo...

gmgerst by Level 7
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Aura Creator G533QS

I have a 2021 ROG Strix SCAR 15 and the Aura Creator software has not been working for months now. It has not been able to recognize the key board but the basic rgb keyboard functions work in armory crate I have tried reinstalling it with no luck, an...

G Skill RAM detected in Armoury Crate but not Aura Creator

Armoury Crate is able to detect and control my G Skill RGB Ram but Aura Creator is not even able to detect it.Otherwise Aura Creator works correctly on all devices except RAM.Is there a way to force detection, or am I missing something to install?Her...

vallain by Level 7
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G skill royal trident z ram not detected in aura creator

Like the titel says: G skill royal trident z ram not detected in aura creator.Thats my main problem with armoury crate/aura creator and i could not find the sticky post about issues for this tool.So do anyone know when they will fix this problem ?And...

Psycrow by Level 11
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