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Terminal/ARGB Header with Creator

I´m planing to build a new rig. RGB will be a factor.I really would like to work with Asus Creator. Therefore, I would like to build my new rig with the Asus rog Gaming -A Motherboard.Sadly this MB only got one 3-Pin ARGB Header. Is there any way to ...

Armory Crate or Aura Creator not recognizing RAM RGB controller

This has always been buggy as hell but now it simply isnt working. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times now to no avail. Anyone have a fix for this as I am getting really sicj of seeing a rainbow in the center of my White Ice build. Never had t...

RGR77 by Level 7
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Delta S Soundwave Light Effect on ASUS ROG Delta!!

I made a effect for rog delta by AURA Creatoronly works on ASUS ROG Deltayou can use this effect to import with AURA Creator app

mysquen by Level 9
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2060 Compatibility question

Is the Strix GeForce RTX 2060 EVO Gaming 6G Graphics Card - ROG-STRIX-RTX2060-A6G-EVO-GAMING considered a "ROG-STRIX-RTX2060" for compatibility for Aura Creator ?I cant get Creator to show/control my 2060 in the PC components, but the Armoury Crate ...

ROG claymore light missing on a particular area

Hello Aura team! I found an issue with ROG Claymore, where aura creator has no option to move the numpad from the right side to the left side.And so if the numpad placed to the left side of the keyboard the light goes off on a particular area.I took ...

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Aura Creator missing Temperature Sync Effect?

I seem to be missing the Temperature effect in aura creator? However I have it as a basic setting in Armoury Crate? I am using a Rog Strix III G531GT. How can I add a sync to Temperature?

GX701LV Panel drive missing and Gsync option not appearing

HiMy Armoury crate isn't coming up with a panel drive option and After rebooting Gsync isn't appearing in the section but coming up as 'discrete'. Don't know what that means.I have tried reinstalling from scratch but the same issue appears.


Aura Creator stopped working

Hi guys,my Aura Creator stopped working with no reason (version 2.1.3).Afret loading my profile I click on "save and apply" and I get this error:Traslation is more or less: "Service Error. Restart the system and try again". Then if I click the OK bu...