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Aura possibilities

Level 7
I think the AURA Creator is lacking a lot of options.

Why isn't it possible to use the music mode, battery status (Chakram) or SMART temperature effect on individual areas?

Or at least as individual zones on each device.

I have repeatedly tried to create a AURA setup, but find it too lacking for my use.

Level 13
I feel your pain, thats why I ditched all my ASUS peripherals and went all corsair. There's a plugin that controls the ASUS MOBO. Id tried AURA since its release and into Crate and finally gave up. Never worked as one would think. Got tired of every version locking up MOBO and have to power down, pull power from MOBO for 30 seconds then putting it back on to reset the controller on the MOBO. That and like you described other modes just dont do what they should and nothing ever synced as it should. Only ones I can personally recommend is corsair and Aquaero.

ASUS makes good hardware. Ive been using their high end MOBOs for quite some time. Its the extra stuff like fan control and AURA that just doesnt cut it. The two guys locked in the basement that does all the software and BIOS updates need to get out and get some air.

Level 7
You really think there's two of them? 😛

I'm on a 2080 laptop with all ROG peripherals, so I think I'm pretty limited to Crate. :rolleyes: