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Aura Effects duration time?

Level 7

Let's go- i'm not a proffesional graphic designer, gamer or anything designer. But i have ROG strix G15 which have RGB lighted keyboard and bar at the bottom. I believe someone asked about it before, because I can't believe nobody tried to do something similar... but is there anything about effect duration time? Like- if I set "Breathing" effect on speed 2, how log does it take to make one cycle (f.ex. from middle of being dark to middle of being dark).

And second thing- why can't you set some effect in creator to go for [set yor certain value that not depends on how you can approximate 2,137 sec on bar with scale 0,5 sec]?

This two things is why making my dreamed effect took me half an hour instead of 4 minutes. I want to keyboard and bar underneath "breath" alternately in one color and finding this spot in wich i can turn effect off without making any "jump", just make it smooth, took me way too long. 

If i'm blind or dumb- correct me. If there are no such options- c'mon! It' just begging to be put in "creator" program (unless you just want to let jour PC flash randomly in different colours, yaay 🌈)

Have a good night dudes!


Level 9

There is the Speed, which is the Effect's speed, but each Effect on the timeline can be stretched (grown or shrunk) to affect more time on the timeline. So the duration is growing or shrinking the Effect on the timeline.

Changing the length of time an Effect has is simple as clicking on that Effect, and use your left mouse click and hold, to drag the right edge of the Effect in the Timeline to a longer duration, or a shorter.

Because of the Length of the Clip, and the Speed both telling the lights to change, it should affect more lights in different areas at a slower Speed with more significance unless not a desired intention.

yeah, that's basics, you can't do anything without knowuing that.

I'm talking about giving possibility of setting f.ex. Strobing effect for certain value (idk, make it in the menu after light-click on effect and then just type your value in format x,xx). It's basic optionin any program- setting time of clip in movie editors, setting wight of image in image editors, settind time of music in music editors, it just intintictively should be here.

And also after setting, let's say Breathingg at speed 2- it would help a lot to show anywhere information "this effect time duration cycle is 2,2 sec" (in my effect it's apoproximately 2,53, but you have to guess it as the axis has only 0.1 sec scale when zoomed to max.)

ngl mainly i want to give a sign that there is lacking of very important for editing functions (should I write it somewhere/ to someone else?), but also if anyone know the solution wich I just cannot see- go on, it would help. Imo now this software look quite unprofessional.

Yes, the duration is at the top of the timeline;

i don't know of a timeline that doesn't have your time span on the top of their timeline... So it Does Require you to do a bit of math, as most software is not automated, you need to specify, and math comes with that.

Can you show me somehow where can I find how long is one cycle of any effect? How long does it take from being dark, trough getting maximum brightness of some color and to being dark again?

I am planning on doing a tutorial, i just need to figure out how i am going to capture my screen accurately, and show the result of the efffects in Real-Time. 

I have a camera on my Smartphone, and i can record my screen, but blending the two is a PITA. Will try to get it done, even if i can't record the result from a real life camera, and if i can only use screen capture with narration for Aura Creator; Simple screen capture with voice is the much more easy option.


Sorry, the weather is getting better and i actually recorded a walkthrough of how to create  cycled preset, it's just so simple it really isn't any more effective than a user's manual. 

Just knowing you can shorten or lengthen the clips in the timeline from both ends with a double arrow when ready to adjust duration ( <-> ) is basically the real question you are asking. 

Tl:DR: Can't do the tutorial due to lack of the kind of equipment that would make it interesting and useful. Just a screen capture with no result is way too simple and i can't get new equipment, especially just for this one case.

Level 9

Are you sure the G15 is ROG, and made by Asus?


I know of a G15 keyboard and it is made by Logitech. Perhaps that is why the color cycle of all colors of the Spectrum seem to be displaying on your keyboard, and why Aura cannot control it? You would need Logitech G Hub Software to control the RGB of any Logitech Products.