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Aura Creator showing different KB layout to Armoury

Level 7
So I am using a UK layout of the ROG Falchion and this has caused a defect when using aura to customise the lighting on the keyboard. On the UK layout there are two differences in the standard structure.


The Aura Creator software doesn't have these keys available and I don't see any way of changing the setting from the software?


So now when my keyboard is lit using Aura Creator specifically the "\|" and the "#~" do not light up. The keys light up fine if using armoury crate standard settings.

Minor issue but would be great to see it fixed 😉

Community Admin
Community Admin
Go to Settings => Update Center => Device & Component
Check if you have Aura Kit v20220317

Was your Falchion awake when you launched Aura Creator? (not in sleep mode)
If the keyboard was in sleep mode while wireless, Aura Crator may not have detected the layout and defaulted to US.
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Has anybody cone up with a fix? I have just bought ROG Claymore II and it shows as UK keyboard in Armoury and US keyboard in Aura Creator. Re-installed, kb is plugged I. Not WiFi and sleep dupisabled. Software updated through armoury crate.

EDIT. Update page went from showing no firmware updates to showing one for my kb. Update of firmware fixed problem.*