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Aura Creator files corrupted.

Level 9


Title says it all. When I attempt to edit a layer Aura Creator vanishes. (These files were fine since creation from release of Aura Creator.) I then try to import my profiles & am greeted with "the file is corrupted and must be deleted" I am curious if maybe I have a value that is now too long a duration, a colour, etc. Maybe an update capped a value I have that is now larger than allowed? If so, I would really love to just be able to change the value rather than having to recreate all the layers from scratch. I have attached a zip of 9 jpg of the document tree from 1 corrupted profile file that will not load. I would greatly appreciate it if someone with the know how & the time to spare wouldn't mind taking a look at my profile tree for any noticeable values that should be changed.

Thank you very much in advance.