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Aura Creator Crashing Fix (Working fine now, YAY!)

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Solved the Big issue!!!

#Armory Crate ##Aura Creator

Aura Creator disappearing fix!

I am using Asus Azoth 75%. Windows 11. But the solution should work on windows 10 as well.

Issue detail: After installing and updating the armory crate software (v., the aura creator was not opening. It would disappear after some seconds.


Here is the solution I tried and it worked perfectly fine for me.

***First things first, if you have already installed it, then try from step 2 from the following, or if it does not work then uninstall the Armory Crate using the uninstallation tool and then try from step 1.
(unstallation tool:

1) Install the Armory Crate full as usual. Preferably use the full installation package:

2) after installation, run it and check for updates. Install all the updates and then close the Armory crate. 


3) Close the Armory Crate app fully.

4) Go to start menu and type Aura creator and uninstall it by right clicking. 



5) Restart the computer.

6) Download the zip from the following link and run the installer after unzipping it. It will give you a choice list. Install the Aura creator by selecting it from the choice.


7) Run the Aura Creator first, it will ask you to update the Armory Crate. Click update and it will take you to the update center. Now, important part, just update the UWP App and Core Services, nothing else below it.

😎 After update, go to devices and see if your keyboard is there. It should be. If not, do the clean re-installation of the Aura Creator will work. 


9) Go to lighting and see the Aura Creator is there. 


10) Open the Aura Creator and all should work just fine! Enjoy!




Community Admin
Community Admin

You can just update, no need to uninstall 👍

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