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Aura Creator closes itself after 2 seconds

Level 8

Hello there!

Since the new updates, I have been having issues with Aura Creator for my Keyboard Azoth. When I try to open Aura Creator, it starts briefly for about 2 seconds and then closes immediately. There is no error message.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times (using an Uninstall Tool).
I have tested the installation with both the Framework package and the full installation package.
I have also reinstalled Windows multiple times, testing with both Win11 and Win10.

The Event Viewer has shown different errors depending on the Windows version:

  • Win10: Kernelbase.dll as the faulty path
  • Win11: Windows.UI.Xaml.dll as the faulty path

I am  running out of ideas…


Level 8

It finally works, aura creator updated itself via the Microsoft store and now it works.

Yes, I can confirm it works. I updated Aura Creator from Microsoft Store and it works, finally!!!

Confirmed, it works for me too. Thank you 

Level 9

I can also confirm that Aura Creator now works. So I've selected all the keys and created a layer.... dragged Static into the layer and selected the color, but it's super dim..... and unlike Armory Crate, I don't see any settings to adjust LED brightness.

Help anyone?

  • You can adjust the led brightness directly from armory crate - your device tab.

I see where you mean now.  However, once I switch to the profile I made in Aura Creator, it puts the lighting in Armory Crate under profile "Aura Sync". Once this happens, I can no longer adjust my LED brightness either with Fn+up/down nor with the multiwheel. Why?

This doesn't happen with any other profiles in the Armory Crate.

Good question. I suspect that the Aura Creator can only create and apply profiles through Aura Sync, which controls the keyboard by software memory loading it on windows startup. It would be great if you could save profiles created in Aura Creator directly into the keyboard's memory profiles. Than perhaps the Fn+/- Lighting would work. If someone could tell us if it's possible, or not,  please share.

Any hotkeys which can disrupt the synchronized lighting effects are disabled when in Aura Sync, it's to prevent you from breaking the sync accidentally for all devices. 

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But Fn+Up/Down and multiwheel brightness control does the same thing as dragging the LED brightness for the Aura Sync profile in Armory Crate, so it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to disable those.