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Aura Creator closes itself after 2 seconds

Level 8

Hello there!

Since the new updates, I have been having issues with Aura Creator for my Keyboard Azoth. When I try to open Aura Creator, it starts briefly for about 2 seconds and then closes immediately. There is no error message.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times (using an Uninstall Tool).
I have tested the installation with both the Framework package and the full installation package.
I have also reinstalled Windows multiple times, testing with both Win11 and Win10.

The Event Viewer has shown different errors depending on the Windows version:

  • Win10: Kernelbase.dll as the faulty path
  • Win11: Windows.UI.Xaml.dll as the faulty path

I am  running out of ideas…


Level 8

They don’t care bro, I tried every day since this problem happened, and nothing, no update no fix 0 help from asus… I love asus hardware but armory crate is s**t

Level 7

never had a device from asus now got the software and same problem, is start aura creator and instantly crashes cant even get past the User license agreement :((( frustrating

This is also where u get the crash, it just opens up and crash. 

Level 7


Level 7

Exact same problem. I think it's Aura Creator not being able to load the profile to customize Azoth because somehow I was able to load the Aura Creator once (passing the user agreement etc) but there were no device/no component loaded at all. This happened when the keyboard is wireless since it usually can't be customized this way.

But that's all speculation, only an engineer from Asus could look at what's going on.

I really wish I could customize the colors key by key of my keyboard like I was able to do for the Corsair. The most frustrating part is that there is a clear keyboard layout for the macro config that work fine, but not for the rgb effects.

Level 8

I have the same issue here with the Azoth.

Level 7

Same here, Aura Creator crash after 2 sec. Azoth keyboard.

Level 9

I just want to add some information, maybe can help the devs troubleshoot the issue. Speaking for ROG Strix Scope II 96 Wireless here:

If one removes the dongle receiver, and USB-cable as well from the PC, you can actually manage to start the Aura Creator without it crashing. In other words, if the keyboard is not connected wireless nor connected wired to the PC, the Aura Creator won't crash 😂

That actually worked with the Azoth too, I unplugged the dongle and used a different keyboard and aura creator opens now but as soon as I turn the azoth on the app crashes.

Community Admin
Community Admin

Latest update: We have found the root cause, it will be resolved by next week. 

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