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Aura Creator closes itself after 2 seconds

Level 8

Hello there!

Since the new updates, I have been having issues with Aura Creator for my Keyboard Azoth. When I try to open Aura Creator, it starts briefly for about 2 seconds and then closes immediately. There is no error message.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times (using an Uninstall Tool).
I have tested the installation with both the Framework package and the full installation package.
I have also reinstalled Windows multiple times, testing with both Win11 and Win10.

The Event Viewer has shown different errors depending on the Windows version:

  • Win10: Kernelbase.dll as the faulty path
  • Win11: Windows.UI.Xaml.dll as the faulty path

I am  running out of ideas…


Вы решили проблему?

Level 8

Any fix yet?


Level 8

Nope, same problem here, have asus azoth and when i open Aura creator it crash after 2 sec. Armory Crate is the worst software I ever use. It is shame, Asus is great, but Armory Crate is shame. At the end I'll stop using Asus becouse of AC!!!

Try with keyboard connected with the cable and wireless turned off. Try aurora this way for me worked. Once you customised the lighting you can use it normally without cable.

I tried that, also uninstalled and installed again, nothing worked. Thanks anyway. 

Level 8

I have exactly the same problem with my Asus Scope II 96 Wireless, the keyboard's build quality is excellent, but the software support is disgraceful. Tried to start Aura Creator just by cable, no wifi, it crashes after 2 or 3 seconds, no error message.

And still no fix from asus. The keyboard as u said is good, but the software for it sucks big time. Tried everything, even reinstalled windows but still same issue

I tried reinstalling windows too, went to win11, then back to 10, all clean installs, cleared cmos, nothing worked.

Level 7

For what it's worth, I too have the same problem when opening Aura Creator. I purchased my first ASUS gear last week, a Scope II 96 Keyboard. The feel of it is great, bummed I can't customize the RGB though. Hoping ASUS will fix this soon.

I think that have something with omni receiver, because I have this problem since I bought Asus Azoth. Anyway Armory Crate is very bad, but this now is too much, I’m so disappointed and hope Asus will do something about it soon, otherwise I will switch to another brand probably Razer..