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Aura Creator closes itself after 2 seconds

Level 8

Hello there!

Since the new updates, I have been having issues with Aura Creator for my Keyboard Azoth. When I try to open Aura Creator, it starts briefly for about 2 seconds and then closes immediately. There is no error message.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times (using an Uninstall Tool).
I have tested the installation with both the Framework package and the full installation package.
I have also reinstalled Windows multiple times, testing with both Win11 and Win10.

The Event Viewer has shown different errors depending on the Windows version:

  • Win10: Kernelbase.dll as the faulty path
  • Win11: Windows.UI.Xaml.dll as the faulty path

I am  running out of ideas…


Level 9

I have the same problem, did u finde a fix for it? It crashes as u said after like 2 sec. 

Level 8

Unfortunately, I was not able to solve the problem.
The driver is a disgrace anyways and has always brought nothing but issues. After several days and zero support in the forum, I was fed up and returned the keyboard and purchased one from Corsair instead.
I will not be buying any Asus products in the future.

Sorry that i have no fix for the problem... 

Ok., i am also thinking about getting a refund and get something else. I do like the keyboard, but the sofware sucks for it. I have icue installed for my corsair lightning, and never had a problem with it. Which keyboard did u get? 

Connect the keyboard with the cable while using aura. Set it cable mode. Once you customized lighting you can use it without the cable.

Tried that, same error. It just crashes

Level 8

Yes, I completely agree. It's a shame because I really liked the keyboard and the quality was great, but unfortunately, the driver issues made it not a viable option. I ended up purchasing the CORSAIR K65 Plus Wireless 75%. While it may not be on the same level in terms of quality, everything works perfectly and the sound is good. If hot-swappable switches, a 75% layout, and good sound are important to you, the only other alternative would be the Razer 75% keyboard. I'm from Germany and unfortunately, they don't offer it with a QWERTZ layout yet, otherwise I would have definitely tried it out.


I just cheked the corsair one u got, it does look good. Maybe it could be something for me, but i see it’s out of stock on corsair website(nordic version)  as i am from Denmark and need that one. I just don’t get, asus is a big company with lot of money to spend, and thay do make good products, but shame with their software. Maybe they should hire better people for it. 

Maybe available on Amazon? Yes, you are absolutely right. Just the installation of the driver takes longer than installing a 50 GB game… something is obviously not right there. It's also incomprehensible to me why such a large company performs so poorly in this aspect.