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Asus Aura - how to save settings also on boot?

Level 7
Hi. There is a way to save Aura settings on boot? Always I need to wait until windows starts to have my profile enabled? I don't like rainbow effect on boot.

Thanks for help

Level 7
+1 please, I am having the same issue. It USED to work before, I don't know how but when I updated the Armoury Crate drivers it broke. Something fixed it but then when I updated my Dark Hero motherboard to the latest BIOS firmware it BROKE again.

Thing is, this works on Aura Sync before (where even when cold booting or waking from sleep, the lighting is properly saved.

This also works when NOT using Aura Creator (e.g. basic lighting effects on Armoury Crate) wherein if you wake it from sleep or cold boot it, though for the first half second it's that disgusting default rainbow, it'll immediately switch to your selected BASIC effect but when it's an Aura Creator effect SOMEHOW it only happens after logging in. This is even if my Aura Creator effect IS STILL JUST A STATIC 2-TONE LIGHTING EFFECT.

I really don't understand why it keeps breaking but please SOMEONE FIX IT

Level 8
It was working fine few months ago but after updating BIOS ( Version 3405 I think ) its changed to rainbow, Before you could choose any static color then change it to any kind of setup you want, when PC is booting it will show static color and when windows start it will apply to what profile/color you choose.

My BIOS now is 3602, anyway try to do this if ya are on latest BIOS, armoury crate > static and choose color > choose what profile you want under advanced effects (aura crate) drop down menu.

shut down and see if its works