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Armoury Crate and Aura Creator not detecting inbuilt Laptop Keyboard

Level 7
My Laptop's inbuilt Keyboard is not deteced in the Aura Creator.
It says some error occurred please restart the system.
After restarting it says the same.
I have attached screenshots of Aura app.
This problem isfaced in Armoury Crate also.

My Laptop is Asus ROG Strix G15 G513IH 2021 Model

Level 8
Hi, you have solved?
In January I have re-installed Win11 and the last version of Armory Crate and Aura Creator, without problem.
After the last update of Armory and Aura, all is OK, but I have write to ASUS Support for solve an Issue with Layout of Keyboard of Laptop.
My Laptop GX701GX have a italian Layout and In the software Aura I see the US layout, with different number of Key.

I have buyed the TUF Keyboard Gamer 7 with Italian Layout, and connected under Aura, I see the some different key, but the number is the same.

After suggestion of support to Uninstall all, and reinstall the original Armory Create (Delivery with Notebook and Win10), I not see anithing device to configure in Aura..

I have solved only to see the suggesion in this Forum, to use the Uninstall Tools, and reinstall the last version.
The manual Uninstall and re-install not have solved my issue.

Now, I have already the different Layout of Keuboard.
I have search in the files under ASUS folder to find a configuration file, where is set the Layout. I have found 2 files, for TUF Keyboard, the Layout set is "US", I have Set "IT" without changes, I have see the older configuration (Before I uninstall all) and the value are "EU". With this Vakue, the number of Key is correct, but the Layout of caracter is Different.
If I try to modify the Layout of Notebook Keyboard files settings, the devices desappears from the list of Aura devices.

I hope you have solver, otherwise, see the tread

In particular:

Uninstall Aura Sync software if already installed.
Always uninstall Armoury Crate using our uninstall tool (do not remove manually)
DO NOT modify the registry
Forms MUST be completed and submitted in order to be processed.

Uninstall Tool - v2.1.3
Armoury Crate & Aura Creator Installer v3.1.3.0 (latest installer version)


Level 7

Hey bro did you fix the problem?, I'm also facing the same problem now I'm having Asus ROG G15 laptop and in Aura Creator my keyboard is not detected!! +91 9448767725 this is my no. whatsapp me we will find the sol.  

Level 7

Aura and Armoury Crate are such bull******!