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Zenbook 14 won't wake up from sleep

Level 7
I just bought a Zenbook 14 5500U mx450 from bestbuy.

I noticed that if I closed the lid and leave the computer for about an hour, it would not wake up from sleep. All I see is the blinking led light from the power button.

Pressing any keys on the keyboard or pressing the power button does absolutely nothing. I had to press and hold the power button to force the laptop to turn off.

Windows 10 and MyAsus app is fully updated.

I also saw a post about turning off Bluetooth and I did that, but it did not made any difference.

I also heard some people upgrading to Windows 11, but I haven't tried it yet.

I tried ending the task for AsusOptimizationStart and Asus Optimization in task manager and it seems to have "fixed" the wake up issue, but the AsusOptimization service controls the keyboard brightness (the KB brightness adjustment key does not work if the AsusOptimization service is not running).