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Z390-A suddenly not recognised by Armoury Crate

Level 7
This weekend the Aura Terminal has been sporadically not working - but that's not unusual. In fact, yesterday it only came on when I turned the pc off. Go figure.

This morning, suddenly no lights on motherboard (though conversely the Terminal is working!). Opened Armoury Crap and initially it said Prime Z390-A not supported but now it has gone altogether. Is there a way to fix that?

Alternativelty... What would I have to replace to move to a system that worked with Corsair icue and allowed me to dump all the Asus software (can live with the gpu as that seems to work via the oddly separate gpu control.

Currently encumbered with this (all Asus)
Rog Ryuo cooler
Strix RTX2070S
Aura Terminal (can throw away, more annoyance than it is worth)

Is it the motherboard that ties me to Asus software because of the BIOS?

I guess I could try and fix it, but last time had do do full Windows re-install and I'm too hacked off with Asus software to stay on this flawed path. Corsair case and Corsair keyboard. iCue works fine for the keyboard (in fact, sometimes the motherboard shows up there and has been controllable, but gone from there as well. Surely someone will say that there's a clash, but has been happily controlled by either for a month.