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XPG Spectrix M.2 ssd sync issue!!

Level 7
okay, now that my armory crate update thing is working, onto a new more irritating issue.

I bought a 1Tb and a 512Gb nvme m.2 drive from amazon when i ordered parts for my new rig. I was very caredul to make sure all my components were compatible. My m.2 drives, XPG Spectrix said it was Aura sync compatible. So i got em. I installed them and they arent syncing up with mobo, and Armory crate doesnt even detect them even upgrading the firmware for the drives didnt help. I read some people installing the XPG lighting software, but when i do that, the software completely breaks Armory crate and it wont detect ANYTHING at all. If anyone know a fix or if im doing something wrong, please help me! Thank you!!

Level 7
I had the exact same issue. My solution? Uninstall, reinstall. Uninstall, reinstall. Uninstall, reinstall. Eventually, it decides to work. Although, no matter what, the SSD will not show up in Aura Creator. 😕

Level 7

I have the same Issue with the Asus ROG Strix Z490-E Gaming and XPG SPECTRIX S40G.

They worked initialy but stopped after one firmware update.