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XPG S40G speed being killed by Aura

Level 8
The software between these two companies is a joke. The XPG software had to be installed for Aura to see the drive. If the LED is turned off on the XPG software it links into Aura so bad that it shuts my ram RGB off also. If I go to Aura and hit the refresh my ram rgb comes back on but the speed of the S40G sucks. I jacked around with this so long yesterday I couldn't even tell you everything I messed around with.

I'm pretty pissed and I really don't know who to be pissed at. XPG "claims' the drive is Aura capable. "Capable" of what messing up the rest of your rgb that it shouldn't even be effecting?

Frankly I don't want the rgb working on the XPG it's under a heatsink on my MXIIF. I had no intention of using the rgb but had full intention of using 4TB of nvme storage for $400. I'm getting close to just returning it and spending more on a non RGB model as this is freakin rediculous. One would think if you unselect the m.2 in Aura that the RGB would go off speed would be back and you would be happy but no. As soon as you deselect the m.2 in aura the rgb vomit default kicks in on the m.2. If you go to the xpg software and kill the led lighting poof half the aura controlled stuff goes dark including 4 sticks of Royals.

I'm at a loss here and as mentioned I've tried so many combinations I don't know where to go next and what I have done already. I just want my normal RGB to work as I set it (christ does by location take forever to set) the proper speed to be there with the s40g and the rgb to be off on the m.2.

Anyone get this all working properly? What was the trick?