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X542UR: WHEA-Logger ID 17

Level 7
I'm sorry for my bad english. I am writing with Google Translate.
1 month ago I bought a Asus X542UR-GQ275T laptop computer. The guarantee is ongoing.
I get the following warning in the Windows Event Viewer:

"A corrupted hardware fault has occurred.

Component: PCI Express Root Port
Error Source: Advanced Error Reporting (PCI Express)

Data Path: Device: Function: 0x0: 0x1C: 0x5
Vendor ID: Device ID: 0x8086: 0x9D15
Class Code: 0x30400

More information is available on this entry."

The following image:

Asus Turkey, said it is a driver problem. Turkey Asus technical team failed to solve the problem.
I investigated the problem:

This is a wifi card problem.
Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 Wireless Network Adapter
All the drivers are up to date.
Bios Version: 301
Windows 10 64 bit clean installation is complete.
The problem continues...
This is a hardware problem, driver problem?


Lenovo official statement:
He released a new bios version and solved the problem.
The problem is many people live.
Asus will make an update?
Thank you.

Level 7
I hope Asus software engineers will investigate the problem.
Otherwise, I will start to suspect the quality of Asus.
Asus is hurting the brand.
Thank you.

I saw the same warning on the X542UR-GQ275T laptop computer that was exhibited in the store.
If this warning is from the software, Asus software engineers should work on a new bios version.
All X542UR-GQ275T laptop computers have the same warning!
If the problem is hardware-related, it should be called back immediately. It's not legal.
Thank you