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Wow. This is absolutely terrible. What happened to ASUS?

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ASUS, dude, look at your forums. Why are you silent on Armory Crate? This is abysmal software and people are paying you good money for the hardware they expect it to operate- why are you okay with not only letting them down, but turning your backs on them?

I used to love ASUS and was planning an all ROG build. I started by getting a feel for the new products on my laptop, so I ordered a Flare, Balteus Qi, and a Gladius II. Getting these devices to be recognized and work with Armory Crate has been comedically arduous and seemingly impossible. I’m not sure how many more times I can uninstall, purge ASUS files, drivers, and registry entries from my system and then try reinstalling. And Armory Crate seems to have permanently broken Aura- it no longer works no matter what I do. I can completely nuke out Armory Crate from Windows and Aura still will not launch any longer even after a fresh install. This is just embarrassing. What’s more, Armory Crate is missing BASIC customization controls that were available in standalone Aura. How have you managed to regress? Why would you deploy software intended to replace an older client and release a borderline unusable minimum viable product

How am I supposed to feel confident moving forward with an ASUS build which will have to go through Armory Crate for fine tuning?

Do you guys even read this forum? If so, I challenge you, or really anybody, to explain why I shouldn’t just send back this admittedly beautiful hardware and go with the Corsair/iCUE ecosystem?

Don’t you feel you owe paying customers some acknowledgment of serious issues with Armory Crate? What is your plan to address this problem? Do you even know that it’s a problem? Are you even there? Who’s running this bizarre trainwreck?

Level 7
What gets me is the inconsistency. Mine barely worked on my new laptop till I went with a reset of windows and reloaded from scratch. Now it works fine and I'm able to run my Terminal and Flare fairly well. Just waiting on my Gladius II and Balteus to see how they work out.

Level 12
Armory Crate tired me, exhausted. He loses his memory every day. Fortunately, I don't have a brand keyboard / mouse. So I uninstalled it by following the dedicated support FAQ and then I installed Aura Sync Utility Lighting Control 1.07.79 and it's a big relief. This is sufficient for the Motherboard and the screen. Aura Sync also allows me to configure the D-rgb leds separately. Without LiveDash I only have the temperature but that's enough for me.

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middle_states wrote:
I can completely nuke out Armory Crate from Windows and Aura still will not launch any longer even after a fresh install.

Obviously you couldn't/haven't "nuke out" Armoury Crate in the OS or you would have made it work already. If you want it work, nuke the OS instead and the process will be less painful and it is proven to be even faster because it just takes 30 minutes to reinstall the OS and fix the **** 🙂 Much faster, right?

Anyway, ASUS is the major hardware vendor that made tons of RGB fanboys and boosted RGB community to ultimately boost sell numbers. RGB is a touch, maybe a nice touch, I don't want to make judgement of it. But ASUS never said they are good with software. They definitely won't focus on software development as a hardware company. That's 1000 miles from reality. The reality is the code monkeys are green and incompetent and they are probably from a small subvender that is paid the lowest of the low, probably from China. Besides UWP is too much a pain in the ass in Windows 10. So there is no way you will get quality software from ASUS.

But you can still rant and trash about it and probably give it a little FAITH as a pristine RGB fan or a pure ROG player. If this is the way ASUS advertised.

Personally, I absolutely hate brainless RGB illumination. But I'm a troubleshooter myself making a live with it. I happened to take a ride to make the crap to work. You don't know in the process how belittling I was to deal with this Armoury crap. It is such a ****show from ASUS. And you are right, this forum is pretty much dead and unproductive for a long time.
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middle_states wrote:
Do you guys even read this forum?

Perhaps sometimes but not regularly. This forum is a customer discussion forum and has been since it was created so it's primarily us customers here. ASUS communicates with customers via Support and to some degree social media.
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