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Windows 7 option

Level 7
When I bought my ROG laptop it had Win8. I figured I better learn the new OS and spent a couple of months learning to hate it. Then came the search for Win7 drivers and fortunately I found a good set here on the forums.
Perhaps the time has come for Asus to link Win7 drivers in their support pages so we can easily upgrade back to 7. The process is simple if you have clear instructions.
Windows 8 and 8.1 do not offer enough improvements to make up for its shortfalls.

Any one else feel the time they spent learning 8 is a total waste? Windows 9 will have yet another UI.

Level 7
I think you should upgrade to Windows 8.1 instead of Windows 7. While "Microsoft expected to announce Windows 9 on September 30". I'm not sure Windows 9 will be compatible with your device.
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Level 7
I love windows 8. I have bought on Ebay so many good quality computers for half of the price , that came installed with Win 8 and people did not want to figure out how to work, downgrade them to windows 7 and selling it for a higher price. Thank you Microsoft! 🙂

I did the same when I bought my laptop.

Level 7

I think that Windows 8 is not a very successful version.

Level 9

I also did not like Windows 8 and I did not understand it. I think you can find a lot of useful information and video tutorials about this on YouTube. Or you can read one of the quality Research Guide that will answer your questions. I think that in the era of information technology, we must learn to search for up-to-date information on the Internet. This will help us learn more effectively. Therefore, learn how to use Google search and other similar tools to get useful information.