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Why Asus software support is so bad !

Level 10
My build is i7-6700k, Asus Maximus VIII Formula and Asus GTX 1080 am so sick of asus software support Ai Suite last update 2016/02/05 and it has lot of bugs on windows 10 Anniversary, Asus GPU tool i can't use it more than 2hour without having blue screen now am using evga tool, Aura lighting they update the software on the X99 with lighting sync vga with board the VIII formula still nothing!!! I've been ROG fan for a long time but now am buying product for futures that does't work because the software is not working properly :mad:

-Am using Ai Suite V1.01.30 software freeze or get so slow am only need it for fan control.
-Asus GPU Tweak Bluecreen if i turn off fan idle mode am not a fan of it.
-Asus Aura for Board and VGA tool i need to configure the setting every time i boot my pc(yes the electricity is always ON i don't unplug my pc when i shutdown my PC ) + the color don't sync board, vga and my lighting RGP strip from cable mod.
Case: Corsair Obsidian 750D.
CPU: Core i7-7700K.
Board: Asus Maximus IV Formula Z270.
VGA: Asus Strix GTX 1080.
Ram: 32GB Corsair VENGEANCE LED 3000MHz.
CPU Cooler: Corsair H110.
PSU: Corsair AX860iW.
SoundCard: Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D PCIe.

Level 9
IMHO give up trying to use AI suite its pure junk, or any ASUS software, just like GpuTweak is and learn to OC manually you will be better off all around and have a better understanding exactly whats wrong with any ASUS software.

ASUS may care about its software but like anything you get what you pay for and ASUS is paying rookies and amateurs to do the programming with no real QA. :mad:
SpeedFan controls fans and temps, once you learn how to configure it properly. :cool:

I agree with both you guys, I do not run any of the ASUS software except for the AURA (led light control) I also have not installed any of their drivers. Most of the ASUS software
is not compatible with Windows 10, Version: 1607 Build 14393.321 Which is the latest version. Tech support is a joke. 🙂 But I love my ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII HERO ALPHA
I am trying to learn all of its features, which is going to take me some time to master, that is for sure. 🙂

Level 8
AISuite is working fine for me on W10 Pro... except one small issue.

For some weird reason FanXpert ignores my custom fan profile, about once in every 3 reboots. Have to set it again manually.

Level 9
you got the lucky die roll!
SpeedFan controls fans and temps, once you learn how to configure it properly. :cool:

I bought pretty highend gear at the beginning of 2016 and stuck mostly to Asus. I can't believe such a good producer of hardware can still be in the industry with such poor quality software. They honestly should be ashamed of the software they bundle with the pretty awesome products. I didn't just buy a mobo, or a gpu, I bought the tech support, software/firmware upgrades and all the applications that help to maintain and improve my computer environment.

Dear Asus, the ROG community and your entire customer deserves better than what is currently available. You NEED to make it a priority and give us some results!


Level 12
Thanks for your feedback Morgan, this is actually an area of focus for us right now. I'm actively passing all the community feedback to our software teams and we're working to improve all our software as quickly as we can.

Everyone can help by sending me a PM with the issue descriptions with system specification, currently installed ASUS program version, other programs installed, and also how the issue is replicated on your end.

All additional details on the issue or other testing you've done would help us in pinpointing the issue.


Thank you so much for your continued efforts to help improve on what has been created thus far. It's truly appreciated by myself and the rest of the community!


Level 13
so far only aura works for me. and the reason i buy asus was the audio DAC on the HERO 8 and now that DOES NOT WORK ANY MORE. i just reinstall the os and is mess. I can blame windows 10 last update. but i am losing faith. I am on my way to get another board and forget all features since i am am running a generic board with a asus logo. since all of the drivers are from Microsoft windows. I will start using these board for something else like word since i can not made a RMA or exchange it since as the store tell me. is working perfect.
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