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Which Realtek driver I need ? Lost in choice of Mokichu drivers.

Level 7

I have the Asus ROG Maximus X Hero with S1220 sound codec (Intel Z370 chipset). I am on Windows 11 x64 23H2 now. I still have the same Realtek sound drivers from day one when when PC was made. The drivers are However, there are no newer drivers on Asus site for my mothertboard ?

I looked at Mokichu drivers here:

and I am completely confused which would be the best or recommended driver for my mobo. As much as I can see on the above link there are newer UAD or old legacy HDA drivers. However, legacy drivers are meant only for Intel 6xx and higher chipsets ? Does that mean that I need only UAD drivers ?

What is the proper way of installing new drivers. Should I first uninstall Sonic Radar 3 and Sonic Studio 3, then uninstall Realtek HD Audio Drivers from Programs & Features prior to install of new drivers ? Is there a step by step procedure anywhere on ROG forum or elsewhere ?