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Where Do I Start With ASUS Utilities?

Level 7
Hey all,

So I recently purchased an ASUS ROG Zephyrus M15 GU502LU - BI7N4 (i7/GTX 1660ti) and I received it used and factory reset, so there didn't appear to be any ASUS software on it. I'm very new to the gaming laptop community, and will mostly use this for video/audio editing. This is my first laptop with an actual graphics card.

I have some questions, because I'm a bit overwhelmed by ASUS' ROG utilities. What software/utilities do I ACTUALLY need and what is the purpose of some of these? I looked at the ROG software downloads from ASUS' website and other online sources, and saw all these things like MyAsus, Armoury Crate, Aura Creator, Aura Sync, Aura SDK, ROG CPU-Z, GPU-Z, GPU Tweak, GameFirst, GameVisual, Extreme Tuning Utility, AI Suite, and ASUS Gaming Center, just to name a few.

That's a ton of available software, and I've installed quite a few of the above thinking I need them. Some of which were just on the web, and some from the Microsoft Store (I couldn't seem to find a centralized page where all these were available to download in one place). I feel like some of the features overlap those of others? Such as GPU Tweak and Armoury Crate both have different fan settings (What happens in that case, do they talk to each other?). But all in all, which utilities do I need and what are the benefits?

Are there any tweaks (BIOS, Armoury Crate settings, etc.) that I need to make to run this laptop at its optimal level of performance?

And last question, what would happen if I deleted all of these utilities? What "mode" would the laptop run in, or how would it determine fan speed, etc.?

Thanks for any help in advance!

Level 12
Hello, you can find the drivers and utilities on its support page here: