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What features do you want in GPU Tweak?

Level 15
As title - what features do you want or think we are missing in GPU Tweak? Please list them below with a short description of what the feature should do.
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Show GPU,CPU,RAM,Download Speed and Upload Speed,Temparatures, In game. like MSI-AFTERBURNER.. and show on windows..

For GPU Tweak II v 1140,

Saving a custom profile - you can set a custom fan profile but it never goes below 36%. This needs fixed. I have a 0dB fan profile for my custom OC but it will always run at 36% fan speed no matter the GPU temperature. It is like ASUS disabled the 0dB feature for a custom OC.


ASUS GPU Tweak - это приложение для разгона видеокарты на Вашем ПК или ноутбуке.

Оно ползволяет включать и отключать функция разгона, а так же одновременно просматривать информацию о видеокарте.


• ASUS GPU Tweak предустановлен на всех устройствах G-серии.

• В ASUS GPU Tweak включен разгон по умолчанию после запуска системы. Но пользователь может отключить разгон самостоятельно.

• ASUS GPU Tweak работает только с подключенным адаптером питания.

• ASUS GPU Tweak работает только в аккаунте с правами администратора.

• Основные пункты интерфейса

– Модель видеокарты
– Включение и выключение Overclock on/off
– Увеличение скорости кулеров
– Частота работы видеокарты (MHZ)
– Спецификация памяти
– Частота работы памяти (MHZ)
– Скорость вращения кулера для процессора и видеокарты (RPM)
– Текущая температура видеокарты
какая это версия?

RGB control

It is technically tweaking the compatible RGB Aura cards only. Good place to have it.

How about a port to MacOS?

Level 7
A nicer compact skin & the update of the prog, so we can record our gameplay:D

Would be awesome if there was an auto-tune feature similar to how AMD's Catalyst has.

Level 8
#1 I would like to be able to turn all GPU Tweak HOTKEYS off.
#2 I would love to be have a ON-SCREEN DISPLAY of FPS etc as a option when I'm playing games. Like all the other GPU software has.
#3 Most important: FREQUENT UPDATES on GPU Tweak and BIOS updates for the ROG graphic cards.
#4 I want to make it possible to remove the info bubble popup saying "Your graphics card is being monitored" and "GPU Tweak is running" on the system tray that lasts forever every time I minimize GPU Tweak and the Monitor program. This pops up every time I start my computer and I've found no way of disabling it. (maybe just adding a option to turn these bubbles off, like many other software has)

full support for asus Oc gear and the possibility to buy it without a graphics card 🙂
we need also need the option to fancontrol from 0-100% if u use a mineral oil case u really need it 😄

P_E_T_Z_I wrote:
full support for asus Oc gear and the possibility to buy it without a graphics card 🙂
we need also need the option to fancontrol from 0-100% if u use a mineral oil case u really need it 😄

there is a fan control already on this software, just a bit finicky. Its right under the Fan Speed% slider in UserDefine.
PS did you use some Valsoline (petrolatum jelly) around your GPU sockets and CPU sockets, to protect the thermal past, as well as around your ports and wire sockets that leave the case, otherwise they will draw the mineral oil out and into them.
My Rig Title : The in Home Satellite
MOBO: ASUS Maximus IV Extreme-Z
CPU: Intel Core i5-3570k @ 4.4GHz 1.1V
Ram: 4x4GB Corsair Vengeance kit @ 1600MHz 7-8-8-24
OS Hard Drive: 2x240GB Corsair GS SATA.III @ RAID0
Graphics Card: ASUS GTX770/DCII/OC/2GD5
PSU: Cooler Master 1000watt Semi Modular
OS: Windows 7 64bit Professional